She Who Sees the Unknown

Morehshin Allahyari - She Who Sees the Unknown

She Who Sees the Unknown

SHE WHO SEES THE UNKNOWN is my new body of work on Digital Colonialism and ‘re-Figuring’ as a Feminism and activism practice using 3D scanners and 3D printers as my tools of investigation. Researching dark goddesses, monstrous, and djinn female figures of Middle-Eastern origin, I devise a narrative through practices of magic and poetic-speculative storytelling, re-appropriation of traditional mythologies, collaging, meshing, scanning, and archiving. This project launches concurrently with the start of my one year research residency at Eyebeam where I will continue my investigation through public events, creating figures, speculative archival and writing methods and ceremonial 3D printing/scanning exercises.

In order to move beyond a simple binary view of West vs Islam / tech-future vs religious-history, I look to forgotten, misrepresented, and suppressed histories and narratives. If the Jihadists express their power by performatively destroying the past and flattening the earth and the power of tech-utopian westerners over heritage is expressed through digital technologies that allow them to reclaim and colonize objects before and after they are destroyed, my project offers a third method to re-situate power and remark history and ownership.

My work undermines the uneven economics of Western technocolonialism and the performative rhetoric of Islamic fundamentalism, through a ficto-feminist-figural expression of power. I seek to makes visible the invisible power relationships emerging from the age of ‘The War On Terror’, current fashionable acts of cultural reconstruction, and the ownership/economics of 3D scanned data through a research-based practice and public engagement.


TRANSFER Gallery Exhibition

Work in Progress / 2016-2017

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